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Infection Control Revamp

Get real-time feedback on your office's safety protocols with this in-person safety assessment.



Sweet CE

Book an in-office or virtual CE course at your convenience, just for you and your co-workers.



Experience Innovation

Book a product demo, either in-person or virtually, and experience our latest technology.



Live CE Webinars

Explore our huge selection of live CE courses for dental professionals, all free of charge.




Infection Control Revamp

COST: Free

How safe is your op? How closely are you following CDC requirements? Find out with an Infection Control Revamp custom-tailored to your office. A trained clinician local to your area will come to your office, review your standard infection control practices, and provide recommendations to help you stay compliant.

This comprehensive 2-hour session includes:


Clinical Expertise

A member of our Young Clinical Team who lives locally in your area will come to your office and do an thorough in-person infection control assessment.


Custom Guidance

Walk us through your routines and see how closely your protocols follow the CDC Summary of Infection Prevention Practices in the Dental Setting.


Thorough Review

From instrument reprocessing, hand-washing and sharps to PPE and water lines, this comprehensive assessment covers it all.


Fill in the Gaps

Our assessment helps your team stay safe and compliant by offering suggestions for improvements to meet guidelines.





CE that's tailored to your team

COST: Free

Book a Sweet CE and we'll work with your schedule to present an in-office or virtual CE course for your entire team. Choose from 5 courses presented by a local clinician from our team and earn free CE at your convenience. As a bonus, we'll even bring along something sweet for everyone to enjoy!

Available course topics include:

  • The Safe Dental Hygiene Appointment - 1.5 CE
  • Instrumentation Re-Imagined - 1 CE
  • How to take the NO out of Fluoride Varnish Recommendations - 1 CE
  • Fluoride Best Practices: What Might Surprise You - 1 CE
  • AAP Guidelines: Help Us Find Answers - 1 CE

Click here to view full course descriptions and learning objectives.




Hands-On Experience Innovation

COST: Free

Technology is constantly changing all around us. We often expect the latest innovation in our mobile devices, so why not in our clinical practice? Review the latest technology from Young Innovations –products designed with ergonomics, clinician safety and patient satisfaction in mind.

Let our clinical team show you our products firsthand, either in-person or through a virtual demo, and you'll get a free instrument or sample kit to keep.

Choose from two product demo experiences:


The Safe Dental Hygiene Experience

Demo focus: Young™ Infinity Cordless Hygiene Handpiece, Splatter Guard® prophy angles, Crystal Tip and Varnish
Each clinician who completes a demo receives a FREE sample kit

Our new normal has us questioning how to protect ourselves, our team and our patients. Even 12% of dental professionals have left the profession recently due to safety concerns. With only 80% of patients returning to practice, clinicians must ensure a safe patient experience. This 45-minute demo will help the team discover products to create a safer dental hygiene appointment for both the clinician and patient.


Debunking the Sharpen-Free Myth

Demo focus: XP® Sharpen-Free Instruments
Each clinician who completes a demo receives a FREE instrument

Instrumentation can play an integral role in patient comfort, quality of care and career longevity. With current CDC recommendations still calling for limited use of ultrasonic devices, it's time to experience some instruments that won't slow you down! This 45-minute demo lets you experience unique instrument patterns and a modified scaling technique that can enhance the patient experience, all while exposing the myths behind sharpen-free instruments.





Live CE Webinars

COST: Free

Join us for a series of CE courses designed to give you an engaging and immersive educational experience, right from home. We're always curating new courses alongside a talented pool of clinicians and educators, so check back often to see what topics we're covering each week!



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